Wood Pellet Specification

Wood Pellet Specification

Forest Fuels wood pellets are manufactured to ENplus A1.

The manufacturing process takes 3.15mm sawdust and compresses it through a dye to produce 6mm diameter wood pellet – little cylinders of environmentally-friendly, high energy, renewable biomass wood fuel that burn with high combustion efficiency.

Forest Fuels wood pellets are between 10 – 45mm long and very compact. They are high density, high in calorific value, so as well as containing a large amount of energy in a small space they are also suitable for delivery by a variety of different methods.

Our ENplus A1 accreditation ensures quality throughout the entire supply chain from production through to your fuel store.

Preparation and handling.

Efficient combustion of wood pellet requires pellet to be in pellet form when it reaches the biomass boiler. It may sound obvious but if it’s been mishandled and smashed into dust by the time it reaches the combustion chamber, then there will inevitably be problems getting it to burn efficiently.

The arrangements for storage, handling and delivery of wood pellets are vital in ensuring that the pellet is not degraded or disintegrated.

A good installation requires careful planning and consideration to be given to fuel store silo location, size and access arrangements.

Our experienced customer account managers are pleased to be involved in the process from the earliest stage possible to help with useful guidance that can help save time and money further down the line. For example, the size of the fuel store has a major impact on the cost of deliveries. Delivering smaller quantities, with more visits can push up the overall cost of your wood pellet by 50-60%.

Delivery vehicle access.

Designing the installation with vehicular access in mind is crucially important. Gateways, driveways and height restrictions all need to be checked. Getting as close as possible to the fuel silo is essential, especially if you’re having a “blown” delivery where the pellets are blown along a large hose directly into your fuel store. The further the pellet travels, the more likely it is to suffer damage that can lead to combustion problems.

Our vehicles carry a variety of hose lengths up to 30 metres but the shorter the distance and the more direct and straight the pellet-journey along the hose, the better. We recommend a maximum distance of 20 metres when it’s a straight run. Very long runs, sharp angles and changes of direction can cause the pellets to degrade as they’re bounced around in transit.

Inside your fuel store.

During a “blown” delivery the wood pellets travel at considerable speed and if the trajectory into the fuel store fires them directly at the back of the wall of the fuel store then they will suffer more damage. To mitigate this we recommend the installation of impact mats opposite the fill point to “cushion” the pellet on arrival. Our customer account managers are happy to help with advice on the optimum positioning of impact mats to minimise pellet degradation.

The sloping of the sides of the fuel store/hopper is also another aspect to consider to enable the pellet to flow properly towards the boiler. The sides should have a minimum angle of 45 degrees and for taller silos/stores this needs to be increased to 60 degrees to prevent bridging and blockages.

Other things to keep in mind are ventilation, visual access or viewing ports/windows and access for maintenance purposes and fuel store clean outs.

Your safety is important to us and fuel pellet stores can be dangerous places especially for children. We’ve put together some useful wood pellet fuel store safety stickers to remind people of the risks attached.

If you’d like to have one of our safety stickers for your pellet store please get in touch with us by clicking here and we’ll be happy to arrange for your customer account manager to provide one for you, free of charge.

Delivery vehicles.

Forest Fuels wood pellet delivery vehicles are custom built for the task; specially converted, they have the equipment on board to minimise pellet damage and maximise quality.

Our smallest blower lorries are 2.55 metres wide which is 8 feet 4 inches (plus wing mirrors). With a pellet capacity of approximately 8.5 tonnes it’s small but perfectly formed!

We can deliver in a range of larger vehicles depending on the access available. Our pre-delivery check list helps us to work out the best solution for your individual circumstances. Please get in touch with us by clicking here and we’ll be happy to help complete the details.

Our drivers.

The face of our business; our drivers are proud ambassadors of the Forest Fuels brand and take a pro-active approach to the safe and efficient delivery of wood fuel to your premises. They are very experienced in handling the many different challenges that each installation provides.

Bagged pellet by the pallet.

Conveniently bagged in 10kg bags, our pellet is delivered on a pallet of 98 bags. This is ideal if you have extremely limited access. Some of our customers hand carry the bags through their houses to access small pellet stoves and others have smaller biomass boilers with limited space and small hoppers, so the flexibility to be able to hand-load the hopper directly from the pellet bags presents the perfect workflow solution for them.