Wood Chip Specification

Wood Chip Specification

Quality controlled.

All Forest Fuels wood chip is BSL authorised and Woodsure Plus accredited.

Particle size will conform to either the Onorm standards of G30, G50 or G100 or the equivalent BS standards of P16, P31 or P45 depending on your specific requirements.

This means that our wood chip will be free from excess fines and oversize pieces and will be as uniform as possible.

All of our wood chip is UK sourced and from virgin round wood or virgin sawmill hacker chip which will produce an ash content of less than 1%. It is free from contaminants.

Most of our customers require a moisture content of between 20-30% for optimum efficiency in their boiler but we can offer moisture contents outside of that range if your biomass boiler requires it.

We can offer a range of different products to suit your biomass boiler’s requirements such as whole tree chip or an arboriculture blend (higher leaf and bark matter). These are a lower priced products for boilers that can handle a fuel with a higher ash content. We can also supply recycled wood chip to customers who have boilers authorised to burn waste material.

Storage and handling.

The storage, handling and delivery of wood chip is reliant on several factors. The location and size of your fuel store and its filling mechanism can have a significant affect on the amount of time that will be deployed on it. By its very nature, biomass wood chip takes up quite a lot of space so careful planning is worthwhile in order to minimise the on site handling between unloading of the wood chip and getting it into the biomass boiler.

The journey from wood chip drop-off to point of combustion needs to be as short and efficient as possible.

Our experienced customer account managers are pleased to be involved in the process from the earliest stage possible to help with useful guidance that can help save time and money further down the line. For example, the method of delivery could be tipped, blown or straight off a walking floor dependent on the space and resources available. Sometimes modest investment in modifications and adjustments at point of delivery can save time and therefore money in the long run.

Delivery vehicle access.

When starting from scratch and unhindered by any other restrictions it’s possible to create the prefect delivery environment for whatever type of delivery you prefer. Whether that’s a full articulated walking floor delivering 23 tonnes of wood chip directly into an underground fuel store or storage barn, or a 7-10 tonne blown wood chip delivery from one of our six or eight wheeler vehicles, our customer account managers are pleased to help come up with the right solutions for addressing the specific challenges of your site.

Our vehicles carry a variety of hose lengths from 8-15 metres depending on vehicle size, but the shorter the distance and the more direct and straight the chip-journey along the hose, the better. We recommend a maximum distance of 15 metres when it’s a straight run. Long runs, sharp angles and changes of direction can cause the chip to block as they’re in transit.

Inside your fuel store.

For a “blown” delivery of wood chip travel we usually recommend the installation of blown ports like this:

Our customer account managers are happy to help with advice on the optimum positioning of ports to maximise the use of the available space and fill the wood store to capacity.

The sides and corners of the store need to be considered so as to avoid chip collecting and degrading or rotting.

Also keep in mind ventilation, visual access or viewing ports/windows and access for maintenance purposes plus fuel store clean outs.

Your safety is important to us and fuel stores can be dangerous places especially for children. We’ve put together some useful wood chip fuel store safety stickers to remind people of the risks attached.

If you’d like to have one of our safety stickers for your fuel store please get in touch with us by clicking here and we’ll be happy to arrange for your customer account manager to provide one for you, free of charge.

Delivery vehicles.

Forest Fuels wood chip delivery vehicles are custom built for the job; they have the equipment on board to fill your wood store efficiently.

Our smallest chip lorries can deliver 7 tonnes which is 30 cubic metres. They measure 2.55 metres wide which is 8 feet 4 inches (plus wing mirrors).

We can also deliver in a range of larger vehicles depending on the access available. Our pre-delivery check list helps us to work out the best solution for your individual site. Please get in touch with us by clicking here and we’ll be happy to help complete the details.

Our drivers.

Ambassadors of our business; our drivers are the proud face of the Forest Fuels brand and take a pro-active approach to the safe and efficient delivery of wood chip to your premises. They are very experienced in handling the many different challenges that each installation offers.