Timber Buying

Timber Buying

We buy large volumes of timber every year, and are always interested in hearing from people with material to sell.  We pay a fair price and are looking to build long term relationships.

We can buy in two ways:-

Freshly felled timber

We  buy freshly felled material, either at roadside or delivered in to one of our depots.

With 15 depots strategically located across the country, we are regularly buying material in all areas.

We have long term relationships with harvesting contractors, timber merchants, landowners and land agents and are always pleased to hear from new suppliers.

We buy softwood chipwood, and are pleased to buy material cut to longer lengths than typical, which can reduce harvesting costs.

Landowner Partnerships

We have developed another way of purchasing timber, to enable landowners, contractors and timber merchants to share in the benefit of the wood fuel market. We pay a premium for Landowner Partnership timber and enable suppliers to reduce their reliance on bulk markets.

This enables suppliers to share in the benefits of the local wood fuel market without the complexities of high-spec chipping, running supply contracts with customers or dealing with technical issues of boilers.

How does it work?

  • Sale contract is agreed at the time of felling
  • We work with you to stack the timber in a location, on site, where it will dry quickly
  • We haul the timber away when dry, (perhaps 9 months later)
  • You earn a price premium. The premium is bigger if we pay for the timber when it is hauled away, rather than when it is felled
  • Payment is made on stack measure, rather than weight

Forest Fuels operates this arrangement successfully with a number of large woodland owners – both direct with the landowner and through the harvesting contractor.