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Woodlets Premium Wood Pellets – Full Pallet – 980kg


  • ENplus®A1 grade wood pellets
  • BSL authorised supplier
  • FSC® Certified Wood from Well-Managed Woodland
  • Low ash content <0.7%
  • Low dust content <1%
  • Low moisture content <10%
  • High ash melting temperature >1200°C
  • Made from virgin wood
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98 x 10kg bags of Woodlets Premium 6mm Wood Pellets

These premium grade ENplus®A1 wood pellets conform to the highest quality standards in the market, with an extremely low moisture and ash content, making them ideal for use on wood pellet boilers and stoves. Buying a full pallet of wood pellets means they are great value for money. They’re also supplied in easy to handle 10kg bags which mean they’re easier to store wherever you like.

  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified wood pellets from well-managed woodlands
  • ENplus®A1 quality standard.  The highest quality pellets available, helping to ensure a fantastic performance and a longer life for your appliance, as recommended by leading boiler manufacturers
  • BSL Certified: Meet all Government sustainability criteria making users eligible to receive RHI payments

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Weight 980 kg