Wood Chip

Forest Fuels supply high quality, moisture controlled wood chip

We are focused on the “localness” of our service – timber is sourced from local woodlands and sawmills and quality is paramount.

1 Locally sourced

Virgin round wood timber is sourced from local forests as near as possible to our network of over 40 local depots.

With full traceability, our depots are certified as supplying Woodsure Plus Quality Assured wood fuel and accredited by HETAS.

2 Locally seasoned

The timber travels minimal distances from source to depot to minimise environmental impact.

All material is stacked for seasoning for around eighteen months in readiness for processing on site.

It is checked and tested for moisture content during seasoning in order to schedule for processing at the optimal time.

lorry carrying long logs
3 Locally processed

Once the moisture content is down to the optimum level the timber is ready to be processed.

Forest Fuels invests heavily in high capacity chippers to convert the virgin round wood into premium grade wood chip.

By carrying out all of these processes we keep road-miles down and have complete quality control thereby reducing risk of contamination.

tractors moving logs into transport lorry
4 Locally delivered

The final part of the wood fuel journey is the most important leg of all – getting the wood fuel into your fuel store.

With over 40 local depots we pride ourselves on practicing what we preach: local biomass wood fuel, nationwide.

Careful planning and logistics scheduling ensures that your wood fuel carries the smallest carbon footprint possible.

5 Moisture controlled

As well as naturally seasoned and dried wood chip we also have our own extensive drying facilities that we own, manage and operate.

At numerous depots we process our own virgin round wood, chipping on site and then force drying the chip on our purpose built drying floors.

We can match the moisture content to meet the optimal level for your biomass boiler.


forest fuels warehouse drying floor
6 Force drying facilities

This is the “engine room” of one of our drying sites.

The biomass boilers produce hot water which is fed into these powerful heat exchanger units.

The fans then blow large volumes of hot air through to the drying floor where the warm air is forced through the perforated floor which, in turn dries out the moisture from the wood chip on top of it.

forest fuels drying floors
7 How to order wood chip

You can join over 2,300 customers and order wood chip from Forest Fuels very quickly and easily using whichever method you prefer.

Please call us free on 0800 157 7331 and speak to one of our friendly team.

You can email orders@forestfuels.co.uk.

Request a call back by clicking here.

If you prefer, use the contact form by clicking here.

8 Fuel supply plus servicing package

A Forest Fuels Fuel Supply Agreement provides you with the best value wood fuel supply all year round but why not go one step further and take a way all of the hassle of the servicing and maintenance of your biomass boiler?

With a combined Fuel Supply and Maintenance Agreement in place Forest Fuels will handle all of your servicing for you.

Complete peace of mind with a long term assured agreement. Click here for a call back to discuss the many benefits today or fill out the form below to contact us.

Quality wood chip delivered directly to you, all year round.

Forest Fuels wood chip is produced to BS EN ISO 17225-4


& supply network of over 40 depots


as the leading fuel supplier


Woodsure Assured wood fuel


by the kWh, cubic metre or tonne

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