Commercial Biomass Boiler Buy Back

How Do I Get Cash-Back?

We can buy-back most commercial biomass boilers, take over all of the operational hassles of servicing, maintaining and optimising for you.

1 Let us take the strain

Many of our customers find the whole biomass learning curve a little too steep. We have many years of experience of making biomass boilers work effectively and efficiently, however challenging the specific circumstances of the installation may be.

Forest Fuels offer an easy solution – outsource the risk and operational hassle to us – you just buy heat. Simple, transparent and trouble-free.

2 Benefit from cash now

You can spend your cash on whatever you choose now – we take over your RHI and all of the risk of maintenance and operation which can be extremely costly, especially further down the track as your boiler becomes less reliable.

Benefits of Commercial Biomass Boiler Buy-Back.

No disruption

You've already had your biomass boiler installed, whilst it may need some optimisation by our engineers, the impact on you will be minimal.

Fuel supplied

With remote fuel usage monitoring fitted to your boiler's heat meter we will take care of supplying the right quality fuel at the right time.

Fully serviced

If the boiler breaks down, we fix it at our expense for the full duration of the long term agreement. This can be increasingly costly through the years.

Peace of mind

Removing the uncertainty of potentially big bills means that all of the hassle is taken away from you for the whole agreement and it's insurance-backed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of boilers can you buy-back?

Most commercial sized biomass boilers are eligible.

How can I tell if my boiler is eligible?

Simply get in touch either by filling out the form on this page or call us free on 0800 157 7331.

What does it cost to find out?

Nothing at all, just a few minutes on the phone.

Is this a new process?

No, we’ve set up commercial boiler buy-backs for scores of customers who want worry-free biomass operation.

Our Awards

A selection of our awards and commendations

“Our oil and LPG boilers were becoming increasingly expensive and we wanted a system to serve both the manor house and the six residential units in our developed barns. My son Charles is a chartered surveyor and was convinced that we could get a modern, reliable system that would not only help dry out our damp properties but also help us control our fuel and servicing costs.”

Tony Vyvyan

Merthen Manor owner