Fuel Usage Monitoring System

Stay In Control

Measured and monitored fuel usage – for complete peace of mind.

1 How it works

In this short video Forest Fuels’ Regional Manager Jason Gallagher talks through the various benefits of having a Fuel Usage Monitoring System installed to your biomass boiler set up.

He also discusses the operational functionality which is especially useful for those that haven’t come across this type of biomass technology interface before.

2 The technology

Small but perfectly formed – this little gadget communicates vital information to enable accurate fuel usage monitoring, remotely.

Forest Fuels’ Fuel Usage Monitoring System can be installed into your heat meter in the main plant room.

Linked to a GPRS modem, it then provides remote access to a secure web login page where you can view the usage and full boiler data.

3 How it's set up

The Fuel Usage Monitoring System is pre-programmed with alerts to let us, and you, know when fuel usage means that your fuel supply has reached the re-order point for delivery days set out in your fuel supply agreement.

Once the next wood fuel delivery is made we reset the system with the new fuel level.

4 Reading the meter

Over the course of a few deliveries the system will prove to become extremely accurate virtually eliminating the chance of running out of fuel and truly automating wood fuel replenishment.

This is a seamless service that has other benefits in boiler operational visibility.

The Fuel Usage Monitoring System will generate the quarterly RHI data that you need for OFGEM for your claims under the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

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