Case Studies

Please find a selection of Case Studies below.

Little-known initiative guarantees school’s upgrade to biomass

Quality wood pellet delivered straight into the fuel store under the ESCO - Energy Supply Contract.

The Archbishop Sentamu Academy RHI application handled by Forest Fuels

High quality wood chip delivered consistently and reliably on a long term assured agreement.

Wood fuel delivered to 11 Buckinghamshire County Council biomass sites

Keeping high quality wood pellet deliveries flowing across the complete biomass portfolio.

Somerset school is claiming £15,000 per year

Nailsea School in North Somerset had its biomass boiler installed in August 2009 – more than two years before the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was formally launched in November 2011.

How organisation can save £1.5 million per year in fuel bills

Reducing your heating bill by £100,000 per year is an exceptional achievement, but when you could replicate that across 15…

How to get a fully funded biomass boiler

We can fund, install, run and maintain your commercial biomass installation, discover how…

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