When Kingham Hill school was looking for a modern heating system to replace its old gas boilers, the most important considerations were that it should be fully-funded, risk and hassle-free, reduce CO2 emissions, and ensure predictable ongoing fuel prices.

The private school has a large number of buildings requiring constant heat, including the main building, swimming pool, sports hall and gymnasium, so any system had to be reliable, effective and able to cope with a huge heat demand.

With predictable future woodfuel prices, a biomass system was an attractive option.  However, the majority of biomass systems require a huge amount of capital outlay and regular servicing costs – both factors that can be extremely prohibitive to schools.

Fully-funded biomass boiler

After looking at a number of alternatives, Kingham Hill discovered the opportunity to sign up to a fully-funded Energy Supply Contract (ESCO) with Forest Fuels for a 2 MW biomass system, using two 999 kW Froling Lambdamat boilers.  This 20-year fixed energy contract requires zero money upfront and includes all heat and servicing costs, essentially providing organisations with a fully-funded biomass boiler.

“Our ESCO is the perfect solution for Kingham Hill and other schools like it,” said David Newman, Head of Business Development at Forest Fuels. “Our parent company – AMP plc – arrange all the upfront capital for Kingham Hill – so they didn’t have to pay a penny for the installation of their biomass boiler heating system.  Not only that, but thanks to the simple, 20-year heat supply contract they signed up to, Forest Fuels’ servicing specialists look after their boilers and heating systems for 20 years – again at no additional cost to the school.  This means that Kingham Hill school can enjoy carbon-neutral, maintenance-free heating.”

Kingham Hill school's fully-funded Energy Supply Contract (ESCO) with Forest Fuels provides a free biomass boiler.


High-quality woodchip

The 2 MW heating system is fueled by high-grade woodchip – managed and delivered by Forest Fuels local depot on a 20-year Energy Supply Contract – which fixes costs and provides energy security and independence. Like all Forest Fuels ESCOs, the system benefits from backup boilers, guaranteeing uninterrupted heating for the school whenever it is required. It also includes a fully-automated top-loader fuel delivery system.

Find out more about a fully-funded free biomass boiler system from Forest Fuels.

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Wood chip suppled on ESCO contract