Case Studies

Please find a selection of Case Studies below.

Delivering biomass wood fuel every day of the year keeps 177 homes warm

Delivering woodfuel daily maintains consistent warmth for residents on district heating scheme.

Darnicle Hill Nursery in Hertfordshire trusts Forest Fuels to deliver

Providing quality wood pellet to deliver the large heat requirement to grow lettuces all year round.

Wood fuel delivered to 11 Buckinghamshire County Council biomass sites

Keeping high quality wood pellet deliveries flowing across the complete biomass portfolio.

Somerset school is claiming £15,000 per year

Nailsea School in North Somerset had its biomass boiler installed in August 2009 – more than two years before the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was formally launched in November 2011.

Regular pellet deliveries match heat demands of luxury hotel and spa Doxford Hall

Trusted deliveries mean sustainable heat and hot water for guests at Luxury country hotel and spa Doxford Hall

How installing renewable energy will save retreat £14,000

Expert advice very rarely comes for free, but when Trelay Cohousing Community found that they were eligible for 100% funding…

How to get a fully funded biomass boiler

We can fund, install, run and maintain your commercial biomass installation, discover how…

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