When the owners of Merthen Manor in Cornwall were looking to replace their old oil and LPG boilers, their number one priority was to find a solution that would help them manage future fuel costs and lower their carbon footprint.

After realising that there were several issues crucial to the implementation of a satisfactory system, they called in independent biomass specialists Forest Fuels to get impartial advice. Forest Fuels looked at the heat requirements across the site and proposed a technical solution: a 180 kW woodchip boiler and a district heating system to supply heat and hot water to the manor house, barn and six cottages.Forest Fuels also developed a capital and operational budget so that the Vyvyans fully understood the costs and the long term financial benefits.

“Our oil and LPG boilers were becoming increasingly expensive and we wanted a system to serve both the manor house and the six residential units in our developed barns. My son Charles is a chartered surveyor and was convinced that we could get a modern, reliable system that would not only help dry out our damp properties but also help us control our fuel and servicing costs.”

Tony Vyvyan, Owner

‘Professional advice ensured we had absolute peace of mind’

“With each biomass installer giving different advice it’s not so easy to know the right questions to ask or even what your exact requirements are,” added Tony, “and that’s where Forest Fuels’ advisers have been invaluable. They handled the specification and tender details of the process and advised us at every stage. This has given us peace of mind, saved us time, and will save us thousands in the long run.”

“Our job was to ensure that the end solution would not only meet the Vyvyan’s exact requirements,” said Forest Fuels Director Sam Whatmore, “but also guarantee that it would provide more than enough heat, be as simple to maintain as possible, and save them money.”

Gill Alker, Head of Consultancy