Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park places a huge emphasis on reducing its impact on the environment. With a mission to dramatically minimise waste and energy consumption, the family eco attraction require high-quality sustainable woodfuel to enhance the benefits of its biomass boiler and district heating system.

“In addition to our solar electricity, solar hot water, battery recycling and other environmental measures we have a 200 kW ETA woodchip boiler,” said Phillip Palmer from Farmer Palmer’s Farm. “We look for the maximum environmental impact in everything we do, so it’s important to use the highest-quality wood fuel.”

BSL-authorised & Woodsure-Plus-accredited wood chip

The high-quality wood fuel is supplied by Forest Fuels, which delivers BSL-authorised and Woodsure-Plus-accredited wood chip.  Not only does this mean that Farmer Palmer’s biomass boiler uses wood chip that is as uniform as possible, but also it keeps the boiler working efficiently and free from excess contaminants.

Local wood chip for biomass boilers

“It’s critical to us that our boiler fuel is as efficient as possible and also comes from local sources,” added Phillip.  “Forest Fuels ensure that our wood chip starts life either as virgin round wood from nearby sustainable woodland or as virgin sawmill chip.  This keeps delivery miles to a minimum and helps us lower our carbon footprint.