Many organisations that had biomass boilers installed before the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was formally launched in November 2011 have shied away from claiming payments – fearing that the complicated application process would be too difficult to complete successfully.

However, one school has discovered that it can be a relatively straightforward process, providing you have a biomass expert on-board to handle the complex application for you.

£20k per year for academy

Just months after getting biomass specialists Forest Fuels on the case, the Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull is now receiving £20,000 per year in RHI payments.

“I’d encourage anyone in a similar position to start the process immediately so that can claim their payments and ensure that they maximise their investment in biomass.”

Gill Alker, Forest Fuels

20 years of RHI guaranteed

In fact, the RHI payments that the academy is receiving will continue for the next 20 years, resulting in total income of around than £400,000.
The Archbishop Setamu Academy had a 500 kW wood chip boiler installed in 2010 when the academy was launched. However, when the RHI was introduced in 2012 they assumed that the process of claiming retrospectively would be too difficult.

Academy trusts long-term

But when long-term fuel supplier Forest Fuels suggested that its RHI experts could navigate through the complex paperwork and application process on their behalf, the school was very interested. Forest Fuels had been supplying the academy with high-quality woodchip for three years, focussing on the highest levels of service and going out of their way to make the academy’s biomass experience smooth and hassle-free.