A southern counties farm, which heats its operations using a biomass district heat network, is benefitting from using highly-efficient local wood chip that comes from sustainably-managed woodland.

Laura Banyard, Forest Fuels’ South Regional Sales Manager, has looked after the farm’s wood fuel delivery for the past eight years, providing the very best service, including technical advice, when needed.

Local wood chip delivered on time to high specification

“The biomass boiler provides all of the heat for the farm, so it’s essential that the boiler keeps running and that the farm never runs out of fuel,” said Laura.  “Our priority is to ensure that the wood chip is delivered on time and to a high specification, minimising shut-down time and maximising heat output.”

Forest Fuels supplies wood chip that is sourced from woodland and sawmills local to the farm. The farm has a top-loading store, so Forest Fuels uses a tipper – one of the many types of lorries it uses to deliver to various different designs of fuel stores. Deliveries are generally carried out once-per-month, but the Forest Fuels team also carries out additional deliveries as and when needed.

Local wood chip specialist Laura Banyard

Laura added: “Forest Fuels supplies high-quality, moisture-controlled wood chip, using virgin Roundwood timber sourced from local woodlands and sawmills. As the timber travels minimal distances from source to depot, the environmental impact is minimised considerably.”

We store the timber for a minimum of 18 months and have invested heavily in high-capacity chippers to convert the virgin round wood into premium grade wood chip. The result is wood chip that carries the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Forest Fuels depots are certified as supplying Woodsure Plus Quality Assured wood fuel and accredited by HETAS.

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