Southern England

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Forest Fuels has depots in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset. Customers in the region include colleges, hospitals, schools and large private estates.

Customer Account Manager

Laura Banyard is Forest Fuels Customer Account Manager who looks after customers in Southern England including many of our oldest and most established clients.

Some of these clients include private schools in the New Forest area and lots of farms and large estates around the Dorchester, North Dorset area.

You can contact Laura by emailing

Call free on 0800 153 1773 or mobile 07900 984916.

Blown chip delivery from Blandford depot

Laura, previously a Director of Southern Wood Energy has been in the industry since SWE was established in 2009 and has a family background within the Forestry sector, which provides her with a vast knowledge of the wood fuel sector.

Through first hand experience Laura has been uniquely involved throughout the whole production chain, from harvesting the timber right through to delivering the quality assured products to the end user.


Blandford depot

The Blandford depot has various types of biomass boilers that are operated and are used primarily in the manufacturing processes but also enable us to demonstrate the various boilers to prospective clients.

Running our own boilers, we know how important it is to supply the right quality wood fuel at the correct moisture content to enable the boilers to run efficiently.


Tractor and trailer combination

At the Blandford depot we produce and supply high quality wood chip for not only the wood fuel market but also for Landscaping, Bio-filters, Animal Bedding and Horse Ménages.

PIctured here is one of our tractor and trailer combination units making another blown wood chip delivery.

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