Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

Woodchip processing

At our local depots we aggregate feedstock locally (sawmill residues, forestry roundwood, tree surgery residues etc) and allow material to season to reduce its moisture content.

On a regular basis we undertake a 'batch' chipping operation with large, specialist wood fuel chippers to process material to the specification required. 

The wood fuel is stored in large covered storage barns, free of any source of contamination. Material is then loaded into various types of delivery vehicle and transported to our local customers. This system of operation keeps the fuel supply operation local whilst being operated centrally from our Okehampton Headquarters, providing robust administrative and technical back-up.

Forest Fuels’ woodchip:-

  • Has low fuel-miles, so minimising the carbon footprint of fuel supply
  • Ensures local employment in both the loading & delivery part of the process
  • Stimulates improved forestry management in the locality, through sourcing of local timber - with all the associated downstream benefits to woodland management, local rural employment and ecology.

All of our depots have locally-based staff who operate them.

Our model is local woods - local depots - local employment.