Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine

Virgin wood chip

Mature trees are rarely cut down specifically for wood fuel.  Instead virgin wood for biomass is supplied from residues such as branches, small round wood (SRW), thinnings, poorly formed wood, stumps and brash.  High quality timber will continue to be processed by sawmills for the construction, furniture and other industries, and these too will produce residues and co-product such as offcuts, bark and sawdust that are also potentially suitable fuel.

The raw material to produce woodchip for fuel and hardwood firewood is plentiful in the UK. The Forestry Commission estimates there is an additional 2,000,000 tonnes of material per year available from un-managed woodlands.

Forest Fuels can provide long-term, guaranteed supplies of woodfuel and has established links with the Forestry Commission and many private estates, sawmills, joinery organisations and other growers across the south west.