Forest Fuels woodchip pile
Woodchips in a Forest Fuel machine


Building on our experience of supplying wood fuel, Forest Fuels can help with feasibility work for those considering installing wood fuel

Forest Fuels is independent of boiler installers and specifiers have has an excellent overview of the balance between capital expenditure and operational expenditure

We provide expert advice on the suitability of biomass heating for your site and the key next steps you need for a successful project. This service will provide you with a blueprint of the best way to take your project forward. 

Our solutions offer

  • Impartial AdviceAs suppliers of both wood chip and pellets, we provide impartial advice on the choice of wood fuel
  • Financial clarityProviding advice on funding mechanisms, including the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Heat Supply Contracts and ESCOs
  • Cost Savings:  We will ensure that your fuel store design and choice of fuel are cost effective solutions for you

Examples include the following

  • Site assessment for chicken farmer in Herefordshire considering wood fuel heating to 8 chicken sheds. Farmer had previously had several boiler installers visit and specify a solution, and was ready to install the boiler.  Forest Fuels provided an overview, and have re-designed the site layout and heat network specification. This will result in £40k per year (£800,000) additional RHI income.
  • Davidstow Creamery. Initial outline supply chain study for 10 MW steam plant in North Cornwall.  Assess biomass timber feedstock supply chain, present outline options of different fuel types and therefore different options for plant technology. 
  • Wandle Valley research project, BioRegional Development Group, 2011.  Desk and phone based research talking to local authorities and other public sector bodies in a small geographical area in London, researching what they see as the limiting factors for installing wood fuel boilers, undertaking visits to sites which appear promising, and providing a clear “opportunities statement” for each site, detailing where wood fuel is appropriate and the next steps.
  • Tamar Valley AONB / Cordaile Project – “Institutional Audits”. (2012). Audit of four large institutions, assessment of feasibility and viability of wood fuel.
  • Over 150 Biomass Feasibility Studies for those considering installing wood fuel heating. Clients have included public sector, private sector, businesses and individuals.