Advice and consulatancy at Forrest Fuels

handful of wood chips at Forest Fuels
Forest Fuels lorry unloading wood fuels

Advice and Consultancy

Forest Fuels Ltd offers impartial and independent biomass advice for a range of clients, drawing on its first-hand experience of wood fuel.

Biomass heating, using wood chips or wood pellets in a biomass boiler can transform the way you heat your property, giving you lower cost renewable heat and greater efficiency, but it is essential to get the solution right first time.

Forest Fuels’ team of experienced and dedicated experts can help you find the right biomass solution for your needs. We are impartial because we are not biomass installers, but we have helped over 750 of our customers through the process of installing biomass and we supply fuel to over 1000 boilers each year.

Consulting packages are bespoke to your needs. Please click on one of the links on the left hand side to read more about some of the consultancy work we offer.

We can provide input at a variety of different levels – from a simple site visit and conversation; to a site assessment and written report; to acting as part of a larger team on a large and complex project.  All of our solutions are bespoke, and our consultancy offering is just the same – we will do as much or as little as our clients would like us to.

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