Fully Funded Biomass Systems (ESCOs)

Forest Fuels provide a range of innovative solutions allowing commercial customers to benefit from biomass heating without incurring the capital costs.

free biomass boiler installation

Forest Fuels:

  • Supply and install a totally free biomass boiler system on your site (Forest Fuels will own the whole boiler system)
  • Fund all capital costs of the boiler
  • Fund all planning and development costs
  • Take all the installation risk
  • Receive the RHI income from the government. Depending on the scheme we may be able to share some of it with the customer.

There are a range of ways of paying for the heat, including buying the fuel and servicing…. or
simply paying for the heat per kWh.

We build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers and can be flexible about contract types and lengths.

We work with the best installers in the UK to provide the highest quality biomass installations which are installed in a sympathetic manner on site. We are always looking to expand our network of partners.

All of our solutions are very bespoke: we do not offer a “one size fits all” solution.


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There are 5 main benefits

  • Cost savings – wood fuel heat is often cheaper than oil or LPG, even with us funding the boiler
  • Decouple from fossil fuel prices.  Given the expected rise in fossil fuel prices over the next 20 years, many people believe that the gap between oil and wood fuel heating will increase – in other words, the cost saving will increase over time.
  • No capital is required
  • No more worrying about old fossil fuel boilers needing repair or replacement
  • Carbon.  Wood fuel is zero rated for the Carbon Reduction Commitment. This can be a significant additional value to certain customers.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the ESCO you need to be an established company, public organisation or other body and be using heat within your normal activities within your buildings.

If you have had a biomass wood boiler installed since July 2009 you may be able to gain a buy back and receive cash back for your installation.  Any grants received for the original installation will need to be repaid as part of this process.


Why Forest Fuels for your ESCO?

Experience in operating this type of boiler

Our whole business is focussed around providing service to wood fuel boilers - every day we deliver between 2 and 20 loads of wood fuel to a boiler. We also organise the maintenance and servicing for many of our boilers. This experience of operating boilers on a daily basis is the bedrock of being able to provide a reliable HSCo contract.

We are not just fuel suppliers who deliver fuel with a “tip and go” ethos, and neither are we boiler installers who undertake the capital installation work before moving on to the next job. We work with our clients to ensure their boilers are running well and efficiently. After all, if a boiler is not running to full capacity, we are not supplying as much fuel as we might be. 

Acknowledged technical specialists

We have a strong team of technical specialists and pride ourselves on the technical robustness of our service.

Well established company – dedicated to wood fuel

The business has been established since 2006, and founder Sam Whatmore has been working in wood fuel since 2000. This experience and focus is unusual industry – unlike others, we are not a start-up, nor a financing house, nor a diversification from another type of business

Impartiality - not tied to certain boiler manufacturers

Every site is different, and requires a bespoke approach in order to get the best solution.  We are not boiler installers - all of whom have a limited range of kit because of the way the distribution agreements in the UK work. Instead we work closely with all of the main installers in the UK.  Our experience of supplying fuel to different types of boilers on long term contract gives us a good perspective on their strengths and weaknesses.

The impartiality enables us to choose the right boiler type and right installer for your site.

Able to move quickly

The Renewable Heat Incentive payments last for 20 year, and once accepted onto the scheme these payments cannot be altered. However there is a risk that the rates will be changed for new entrants in the way that the Feed in Tariff payments have changed.

There is therefore every reason to get a boiler installed and commissioned as quickly as possible, to “lock-in” the benefits of the RHI for your site. 

Forest Fuels has all of the systems and financing in place to be able to move quickly and get a boiler installed much more quickly than most organisations would if an organisation was starting from scratch.

Choose a fuel specialist

Up to 80% of the lifetime costs of a boiler are fuel – it makes sense that the ESCo provider brings robust experience of fuel supply.

The nature of fuel supply is of routine deliveries. This ongoing operation is a very different culture to that of a capital-works installation business, where the culture is focussed on getting a big job done and moving onto the next big job.  We believe the routine “day in, day out” culture of a fuel supply business is best suited to a ESCo. 

Security of fuel supply

Ensuring a secure and robust supply of fuel for the lifetime of the boiler is a key consideration to success.  Forest Fuels has unrivalled security of timber supplies.

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